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Written by Jacopo Granzotto   
Thursday, 22 May 2008 00:00
di Jacopo Granzotto da il Giornale del 22-05-2008

The only sure thing, for now, is that the 'Delle Eagles' will by 2011. The problem is whether the fans of Lazio will be able to avoid scampagnata, footing for the inevitable sfottò of his cousin giallorosso. After the hypothesis of esplanade Valmontone yesterday came as endorsement of Bush for Fiumicino. Not too far, some thirty kilometers from the city centre, but still outside the door. Svanita the possibility of ritinteggiare of biancazzurro the Flaminio for the large refusal to Lotito, does not appear there are alternatives to removal mileage.
"We need to be understood if one wants to do a stadium or you want to build a city. A city already exists and is called Roma - has clarified the first citizen -. If you want to build a stadium, the area best possible has identified the mayor of Fiumicino and we are willing to support it. Everything else seems little accounts. Canapini, which is part of another deployment but is a very correct person, aims to support any structures with a stadium in Fiumicino, which would be fantastic in terms of placement.
When we talk about football Veltroni also increasingly ambassador of peace policy, is likely ugly. Today in town speak of Champions (20.45 to the debut in Greece against Olimpiacos), tomorrow championship. But soon the issue will become the new stadium field. The proof was the flamboyant face to face between the President of Coni Gianni Petrucci and Claudio Lotito to 'Heart of Football' on TV Gold. When Lotito wants to play at home and pointing straight on Valmontone. The plant provides a capacity of 53,000 seats and a semicopertura with photovoltaic systems for the accumulation of energy. In terms of comfort and usability, the 'Stadio delle Eagles' would do his figure.
We are only to plastic, but looks case already come first appeals of supporters doc to resist. Gianni Elsner change opinion on Lotito and does not support the outside Rome. Michele Plastino calls to full capacity with Parma to understand that there is tripe for cats. And the spokesman of the "lazialità," the journalist Guido De Angelis presents the account: "If there is one thing that we bring as pride, from 107 years, is the fact of being born in Rome on January 9, 1900 and have been the first to bring football in the city. After 27 years, late chronic arrived. Not scherziamo, Lazio must remain in Rome, in the old house where we were born: the Flaminio. We are only beginning.


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