Saturday 12 Jun 2021
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One Stadium for the Eagles PDF Print E-mail
Written by Comune di Valmontone   
Tuesday, 20 July 2004 00:00

by of 20-07-2004

E 'Stadium was named in honor of the Eagles players of SS Lazio, the company which has been designed. It 'was presented this morning at Palazzo Doria Pamphilj Valmontone the project for the new football stadium for Lazio made for the council from AMA Group architecture firm with offices in Rome, Singapore and Shanghai.
The project was presented by Alfonso Mercury (president of studiodi design) and the Mayor of Valmontone Angelo Miele, both Lazio. The city has made available several hectares of land for construction of the work.
The Stadium of Eagles was designed for an area of 38mila sqm comprising eight hectares for the stadium itself, with eight thousand cars. This is a new multipurpose sports facility for 40,000 spectators who fits in a very attractive tourist trade, with the presence dell'outlet Fashion district and the future theme park games. A zone, well connected with the capital and other big cities and provinces in central Italy.
The stadium is prefigures as a great city covered with a roof panelling mobile (which will close and scoperchiare the play area according to weather conditions) formed by two caps made with photovoltaic panels to collect and reuse solar energy and make the building self-sufficient for energy supply.
Among other features that make the single structure, an Olympic swimming pool covered by 1,400 seats made by one of the forums, while the 4 elements corner of the stadium, towers, will host services (restaurants, shops, fitness centre, kinderheim, and a track for squash). Had he realized the stadium would be ready in two years and cost about 120 million euros.
"It 'a project for a stadium to be used 365 days a year - said Honey - for leisure, entertainment and concerts in Rome are struggling to find space. The put on the table by Claudio Lotito and the new managerial staff of Lazio because they take place. Ours is a proposal, but we do not want to enter into competition with anyone. "
"We have learned of the municipality of Valmontone a month ago - said the Architect Mercury - and we have to make concrete this hypothesis. In Rome to make a new stadium would biblical times.
Founder and Chairman of AMA Group, Mercury commenced its activities in the 70s. Since the end of the eighties has guided the professional interest to the buildings for scientific research and production, lead to the realization of production centres for high technology in Italy and the mondo.Lo study was classified among the largest in the world a survey of 2004 by World Architecture magazine.
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perchè è condiviso con un'altra squadra - 10.1%
perchè è difficilmente raggiungibile - 1.5%
perchè non è di proprietà - 14.2%
perchè non esistono attività all'interno - 1.5%

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where to build it ?

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a Valmontone - 10.4%
a Fiumicino - 10.5%
a Riano - 6.2%
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