Saturday 12 Jun 2021
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Veltroni: "I will see Lotito, but no stadium ' PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pietro Pinelli   
Friday, 15 October 2004 00:00
the mayor: enough with the election propaganda. Storace: find a solution that satisfies all

di Pietro Pinelli dal Corriere della Sera del 15 ottobre 2004

At the end there will be a meeting between the mayor of Rome Walter Veltroni and Lazio president Claudio Lotito. This was announced by the first citizen, on top of a day of rents polemical exchanges. Certainly unlikely the company will have a stage of his property. Stop the position of institutions on 'idea of a new plant: Rome already there are Olympic and Flaminio. It is political clash for the new stage of Lazio. L 'idea of Lotito has sparked l' opposition especially the mayor. Among the two yesterday c 'was a tough comparison radio. Veltroni accused Lotito of electoral propaganda. "I do not have to apply replied the president - someone wants to give a political connotation to the club, but I am not sure myself. I have not received even a phone call from his part: even the congratulations for having saved Lazio mayor after the many promises have disappeared. And yet the time to toast with Prandelli, Voeller and Delneri has found. Pungente Veltroni's answer: 'There' is no need to apply as they often have good relations with whoever applies. I did not understand some statements on the stadium and on other things. We have always said that the citadel of sport there are no problems, just is not a building speculation. There are already the 'Olympic and Flaminio, which for the city are two problems for the existing constraints. But they can not be abandoned. The replica of Lotito: "Rome is the 'only city that has a stadium owned by the state and not the City. Here nobody wants to make speculations. I was the Region and they gave me the 'ok on everything, only you have the City Different opinions. The question was also the chairman of the Region Francesco Storace: "On 'Olympic appearance yet to see the cards but I hope that the end is a point d' Understanding. Veltroni is a person too intelligent not to understand the problem. Probably Lotito has a character too irruento and perhaps made a request that may have infastidito the mayor. Veltroni He is right when he says that the stadium should not be only Lazio and all but two teams Roman. We must find a solution that meets the club, the fans, the municipality but also the Region '. Yesterday meanwhile Giuseppe De Mita has resigned from the Director General of society.


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