Saturday 12 Jun 2021
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Stadium for sale: Sensi relaunches, Lazio leave PDF Print E-mail
Written by Petrucci Stefano   
Saturday, 17 May 2003 00:00
di Petrucci Stefano dal Corriere della Sera del 17-05-2003

In the draft of the Rome restaurants, shops, cinema multiplex. The club biancoceleste tip on Flaminio models are the 'Old Trafford' of Manchester United and 'Amsterdam Arena' of 'Ajax The value of' plant perhaps fell below 100 million

From "cypress" Thirty years of Del Debbio to uplevel Fifty years of Vitellozzi, until you get to "pacchiana" restructuring of Italy '90. And tomorrow that Olympic will be? We start from today. At 16.15, when Lazio and Brescia have started a few minutes from their second time, the stadium opened on May 17, '53 will celebrate the fifty' years. A birthday to celebrate without great certainty about what will be. The stadium a thousand joys and not less bitterness, as we report here next, not yet known its future. In dance, not just a remaquillage essential to a plant now old (the project of '90 provided the subsequent slaughter and reconstruction of the gallery Tiber, then never touched): rule remains especially the' long question of ownership. Theme delicate, long the subject of a long dance between the Coast, owner of 'whole area of Foro Italico, the heads of departments concerned (today, Tremonti for Economics and Urbani for Cultural Heritage), the cones that always has management facilities, the Roma and Lazio, who for years, following on from what already happened in other cities in Italy and Europe, have asked to buy the 'Olympic and its parking garage. The current stalemate develops in practice since the end of the nineties, including sudden openings and stop even more abrupt. Since that is to say, the State has decided to privatise the 'plant. While the jewel of the Foro Italico is tossed important foreign investor interested in transforming it into a temple of rock, Roma and Lazio, in people of Sensi and Cragnotti, in May 2001 came to found a company, the 'Olympic Stadium SpA, with its l 'objective to participate in the tender d' contract for privatisation. Fatigue wasted. A 'interminibile sequence dietrofront has gradually blocked any attempt. To counter the divestment especially the cones, which not only claim the compensation of costs of rebuilding the stadium (220 billion lire), but fears of being subjected to eviction for the offices housed in 60 thousand square meters beneath the stands of 'Olympic. Roma and Lazio, thus, remained the window. Stupite as indispettite by 'inability to be able to give them all a plant, with shopping malls, cinema multiplexes, bars, restaurants, spaces for leisure ial: on the model of the' Old Trafford 'of Manchester United or' Amsterdam Arena 'of 'Ajax. The long awaited, parallel to the problems suffered by Cragnotti, has also logorato l 'alliance between the two Roman clubs. The Lazio in recent days announced their willingness to bet on the Flaminio stadium, smaller and harvest, plenty modernised by the Cones. The Roma are not spring. Sensi turned to Berlusconi, has invoked the sensitivity on football (between the 'other san Siro in Milan has long been entrusted to the total management and Inter Milan), and is ready to launch an' also offer other alone , All 'start of next season. But what is true, then this' Olympic today fifties? Until a year ago, between 100 and 150 million euros. Now, perhaps, a little 'less. Everything changes quickly, now. And not always for the better: who would like, for example, an Olympic one-derby all 'years? Stefano Petrucci UNDER THE CURVE federations have offices under the grandstand Tiber and two curves of 'Olympic there are offices of various sports federations and coordination of Coni anti-doping. This is one of the many problems that will face possibly the leaders of the Foro Italico and those who want to privatize the 'plant. IN JUNE '90 The new structure inaugurated by Pope few weeks before the' start of world championships (l 'Italia them organized for the second time in its history, after those of' 34) the new Olympic Stadium was inaugurated and blessed by John Paul II. The match d 'debut was played on June 9,' 90 between the Azzurri of Vicini (won 1-0) and 'Austria. I REMEMBER MOST BELLI 1968 EUROPEANS L 'Italia on the roof d' Europe Monday, June 10, in the repetition of the final of European football, 'Italy beat Yugoslavia by 2-0 (goal by Riva and Anastasi) 1974 CHAMPIONSHIP The first Scudetto Lazio The May 12, in a stadium packed out, the Lazio of Lenzini and Maestrelli fold the Foggia (1-0, Chinaglia) and won his first Scudetto 1983 CHAMPIONSHIP The second scudetto in Rome on May 15 against Rome Turin celebrates second tricolour in its history, won the first Sunday in Genoa Marassi with DAILY TO FORGET 1986 CHAMPIONSHIP The giallorossi collapse with Lecce The April 20 consumed the great joke: Rome is beaten by the already relegated Lecce (3-2) and leaves the title to Juve 1990 WORLD L 'Italy looks the final L' Italy is the great favorite of World played at home. But in the final to be Germany (who then won 1-0) and Argentina 1998 THE VERGOGNA The anti-Semitic banners "Auschwitz is your homeland, ovens your homes' means is' absurd anti-Semitic banner that appears in the first curve north of a derby Olympic THE FUTURE 50 YEARS OF EMOTIONS Today the 'most famous plant d' Italia celebrates the 'anniversary: Coni has put all' auction but doubts remain The streets of the two clubs in the capital were divided after the abrupt exit from the scene Sergio Cragnotti


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