Saturday 12 Jun 2021
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Lotito: "I will make the citadel" PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pietro Pinelli   
Tuesday, 15 November 2005 00:00
di Pietro Pinelli dal Corriere della Sera del 15-11-2005

Petrucci: "Just the 'Olympic'

Lights switched off on the championship, the spotlight at home Lazio return again focused on the ambitions of President Claudio Lotito: a citadel of sport stadium and a whole biancoceleste. And again opens a polemic with the President of Coni, Gianni Petrucci. The background is the manifestation Goal Expo in Milan. Lotito strongly is fighting his battle to build a structure across Lazio that would allow the club to live years longer shiny: weighs like a boulder on the life of society the maxi instalment of 23 years signed with the tax even if had the about not indifferent to survive the Lazio. "The citadel of sport enable all disciplines of Pol Lazio finally have a home. Dimostrerò with the facts in order to achieve the citadel no biblical times. In six months Lotito insists the president - can have all the authorisations and in two years and a half could be achieved. My opinion on 'Olympic has not changed since the patron of Lazio. Have passed the time in which 'alternative to the stadium for a football fan was the radio, or climb the hill with binoculars. Today the 'alternative is to stay at home, not be subjected to hardships and have greater security. In case there was a more comfortable stadium fans would opt for this solution. " The Municipality had made available for the modernisation of Flaminio. Assumptions that the president Lotito, unlike fans, continues to reject the sender: "The Flaminio should be used for rugby while the 'Olympic stadium would become of' athletics and could be used for concerts. Do not tell me that three stadiums in Rome are too many. We would like another more comfortable for football: it goes without saying that lowering prices gives people the stadium. The stages are more comfortable thanks to sports towns. There is no piccata replica of the President of Coni, Gianni Petrucci, "Lotito for so many years is all 'Olympic, but has begun to see evil since he became chairman of Lazio. Him, eternal youth, lost his sight when he became owner of Lazio. The presidents can do what they want but when it comes to citadels of sport in a city where there are already Olimpico, Flaminio and Tor Vergata and I asked for an opinion, I can not but be opposed to making others'. Meanwhile this morning the team in Formello begins to prepare the race in Genoa against Sampdoria. Even without the national Oddo, Pandev and Behrami, but with a more Di Canio: 'attacker fact should riaggregarsi the group after the injury to the left leg soleo accused at the end of October. From check the condition of Peruzzi, who last week has left immediately withdrawing blue for the contracture the right calf reported against 'Inter. His presence next Sunday is in doubt. Ready to return Sereni, after more than a month's absence for the infringement of First Instance to twin medial leg right. Safe absent Liverani, Piccolo, Mudingayi, Firmani and Giallombardo. Peter Pinelli


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