Friday 25 Sep 2020
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Olimpico The admonition of Alemanno PDF Print E-mail
Written by Giacomo Legame   
Thursday, 22 January 2009 00:00
<< The city needs modern stadiums >>

di Giacomo Legame de Il Giornale del 22/01/2009

The Olympic is old, was born to other needs, in other contexts, in other eras. The city needs modern stadiums that are designed in full and that do not create too many problems to the people. " This is the conviction of Mayor Alemanno on the thorny issue of new roads around the stadium. Everything is born from the problems which arose Sunday evening at the league postponed Lazio-Juventus, a torture for the many fans motorized trapped in traffic. The issue was addressed yesterday morning by the microphones of Radio and Radio in the afternoon in the Capitol with the quaestor Giuseppe Caruso, prepared to revise the terms of mobility and parking area. For the first citizen of the need is to have stadiums designed "with a system of public transport as efficient as possible" and also "with services around it to activate the processes of social integration: places to keep children and families and bring then to create moments of sociability. "
Is always present on the recent speech of President Claudio Lotito of Lazio: "We are finalizing the preparation of the project which will be quite complex because it includes a number of activities and structures that will make it a center of international importance." "It will be a flagship for the whole of Italy - he added - and I hope to become destination of international tourism as the major stages of Europe."
But back to the roads around the 'old' stadium, a directive that has surprised the mayor. "I was also puzzled by the new roads - continued Alemanno." The decision was taken by the provincial committee for order and security in a sudden and hasty. I myself have heard things done. When you make decisions affecting the life of the consolidated city should be a 'more conservative, the impact on mobility should be assessed more carefully. " For his part quaestor explained that the rules applied last Sunday had been "to the committee: it was a traffic plan with some stopping bans already exist but never made operational, I have only asked them to be respected rules. About those rules, the sport director of the Mayor Alessandro Cochi spoke of "an inflexible that has yet to be digested and agreed between the parties." "We are seeing a storm in a glass of water - added the quaestor - everything you can mediate. The mayor and I want the same thing. Evaluate other proposals and then the committee will consider what to do provinciale.
For now the most practical are those riperimetrare the parking area around all'Olimpico to facilitate access to the stadium. Or, of course, less popular hypothesis, create a new bus shuttle. Proposals which, according to the director capitolino Sport, Alessandro Cochi and dall'assessore capitolino Mobility, Sergio Marchi will be presented this morning to the prefect, Joseph Pecoraro with the aim of finding a team and a solution to this difficult situation


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