Tuesday 20 Oct 2020
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The Olympic Stadium is the largest and most large sports facility in the city of Rome.

The Stadium was born around the'30s with the name of Cipressi''Stadium''. In '50 is restructured and renamed with the name of''Stadium of hundred thousand''. In the 60s, during the Olympic Games, is extended again and ribatezzato under the name''''Stadio Olimpico.

It rises within the sports complex, Foro Italico, in the northern part of the city. The structure is intended primarily for football and all'atletica light, but occasionally hosts concerts of light music and events of various kinds. Throughout its history has undergone substantial metamorphosis 3.

The stadium was completely renovated during the World Cup Italy 1990; was completely demolished and rebuilt from scratch, except for the Forum Tiber expanded with the addition of further steps. All sectors of the stadium were fully covered.

The current capacity of 82,456 spectators (including places of the gallery press), all sitting, so the 14 ° stadium in the world for number of seats between the stadiums used for football, 29 ° between all stages and the second in Italy, just behind the Meazza Stadium in Milan.

In view of the Champions League final of 2009, assigned to the city of Rome, the Olympic Stadium will be between 2007 and 2008 an extensive restyling procedure, which will decrease the capacity.
The Olympic Stadium seen from Google Maps (click on photo for directions)

Stadio Olimpico visto da Google Maps

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What name for the stadium?

"Sponsor" Stadium - 5.9%
Casa Lazio - 1.6%
Eagle's Nest - 7.4%
nessuno dei precedenti - 3.2%
Stadio delle Aquile - 61%
Tommaso Maestrelli - 15.9%
Olimpia Stadium - 5.1%

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